Health Benefits of Carrots (Daucus carota subsp. Sativus)

Carrot is a popular and widely used root vegetable. It is long and orange, with a green, leafy top. Domesticated carrots are bred from wild carrots native to Europe and Southwestern Asia, and these are the common carrots we buy at our supermarkets.

In Persia, the first use of carrots was depicted through paintings and historical documents dating back to five thousand years. And, in fact, the first use of carrots was as medicine, rather than a culinary ingredient.

The wild carrots found thousands of years ago were thought to be purple in color and changed, due to a mutation, to the orange we’re familiar with now. Carrots continue to be used in foods and to improve the body, inside and out.

Health Benefits of Carrots

The seeds and green, leafy top of the wild carrots are used to make medicine. These treat urinary tract infections, including kidney stones and bladder concerns. They also reduce excessive uric acid in urine.

The oil from the seed treats digestive problems, including diarrhea and indigestion. Other uses include treating certain cancers, heart disease, and kidney concerns. The oil is cosmetically used to improve skin and hair.

Consuming the orange parts reduces the chances of lung and other cancers, as it contains antioxidants. It also decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease. There is strong evidence to support eating carrots improves vision, because it is high in vitamin A.

Because it’s high in vitamin A and antioxidants, carrots improve the look of your skin and slow down the aging process by fighting free radicals.

Other Benefits of Carrots:

  • Prevents stroke
  • Cleanses the body
  • Immune Booster
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Increases blood flow and circulation

How to Use Carrots

Carrots are easily accessible and can be simply added into the diet. Eat them raw or add them as a vegetable to meals. Carrot smoothies and juices are another great way to incorporate this powerful veggie into your diet.

Carrot seed oil can topically be applied to skin and hair or used for aromatherapy—but make sure to dilute the oil with a carrier oil, like olive or coconut oil.


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