Germany - The First Country to Put an End to "Chick Shredding"

May 10, 2016

Finally, one country is stepping up and putting an end to “chick shredding.” What is “chick shredding” you might ask? You might be afraid to know that it is exactly what it sounds like. When male chicks are born, they are literally shredded in order to be disposed of, since they cannot lay eggs and are usually not viable for meat. It was estimated that in Germany’s egg-production industry, nearly 45 million male chicks were disposed of each year.

Thanks to efforts by activists over the years, progress is finally being made. A report found in AnimalsAustralia noted that activists in Germany have effectively come up with an alternative to the male chick “problem” that faces mass egg production companies.

New technology has been created by scientists that can identify the sex of a fertilized egg before it hatches. This allows for all eggs that contain male chicks to be removed from the hatchery entirely, sent to live a life somewhere else. This will leave the producers with only the desired female chicks, and no need for the murder of male chicks. While not a solution to all of the ills that plague the commercial egg industry, it is certainly a step in the right direction.

Germany’s Agriculture Minister, Christian Schmidt, has suggested that the chick shredding practice be completely phased out of the country by next year. When successful, Germany will become the first country to eradicate chick shredding. Being a major leader in the world, it is hoped that Germany’s actions will inspire other countries to do the same.

There are many issues that consumers do not know about when it comes to the commercial egg and chicken meat industry. Hopefully, this will raise awareness of this awful practice of chick shredding, and encourage change throughout the world.

One way to do your part is to eat only locally-raised eggs and chicken, that are cared for in a humane way. Even better, raise your own chicks and have your very own source of eggs in your backyard. And of course, raise awareness about this terrible practice, and pressure producers and politicians alike to ensure a higher standard of treatment for these animals.

Image: AnimalAustralia.org | Video: TrueActivist.com


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  • EJ  May 14, 2016 at 1:44 pm

    Meanwhile activists everywhere, particularly in the US, continue to fight for the right to shred human babies.


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