Contributor Guidelines

Please note that this is not a paid writing position.


Our readers love easy-to-do tips that will inspire them, including stories of real life results. Tips should be actions that are simple to begin instituting in day-to-day life. Our readers are looking enthusiastically to learn more about natural health and alternative health solutions. Please send us 3-4 titles for consideration before you begin the writing process. You can also check our Suggested Topics for inspiration.


Categories for writing include, but are not limited to: herbs, DIY home remedies, gardening, teas, et cetera. For inspiration, it may be helpful to browse the site to see what has already been written on.

Structure and Format

The content of posts should be centered on practical actions and how-to guides that users can begin using immediately. These posts should provide valuable, concrete steps users can take.

A reader should finish a post feeling inspired to make changes, thinking “Even I could do this! I can start improving right away!” Posts should not be attempting to sell products or solicit business for services. Please browse the site to make sure your topic has not already been covered in another post already.

All content must be written in standard American English spelling and grammar, proofread. The post should be error-free and pass COPYSCAPE. Plagiarized work will not be accepted and your account will be banned.

For ease of readability, we encourage the use of subheadings and bullet points where appropriate and possible. Your article must end with a closing paragraph.


The tone of Vox Nature posts is conversational and light. We are looking for posts without fluff. Posts should provide real content and sincerely useful tips for the community of natural health readers Vox Nature attracts.

Word Count

Post length should be between 800-2000 words.


Where applicable, reference links should be used to back up research and scientific claims in the body of the post. This includes use of anchor links to relevant pre-existing Vox Nature articles. Links leading to commercial pages will be deleted. SEO-style linking will not be tolerated.

Promoting Your Piece

In order to promote your article, plan to share your guest post. If possible you can link the article on your website or blog. You are also encouraged to engage readers in the comments section when the article has been posted to social media.


Vox Nature reserves the right to edit submissions before publication.


Content of the post must be your own original thoughts and ideas, not published elsewhere and copyright free.

Publishing Rights

By submitting a post to our platform, you agree that every article written for this site will be published only on Vox Nature unless otherwise permitted by a member of our admin team.

Topics/Content We Do Not Allow

  • Yoga
  • Spirituality/spiritism
  • Horoscope/astrology
  • Content unrelated to natural health
  • Promotional content / product reviews

Our team will review your article and publish if it meets our requirements. If the article is not a good fit for our audience, it will be sent to the trash folder (spam accounts will be deleted).

We will make any necessary edits to the article if it is accepted, and schedule it for publication. You will receive notice when the post goes live, and are encouraged to interact in the comment section and share the post on your social media accounts, if possible.