Sleep apnea is a form of sleep disorder which affects nearly 40 percent of North American adults. It’s characterized by brief interruptions in breathing or periods of shallow breathing during sleep. The breathing pauses can happen continuously throughout the night which lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes. This condition usually come out […]

Essential oils have been in use for centuries for a number of reasons, including their health purposes, medicinal properties and often delightful scents. They can be used to aid in housework, provide aromatherapy, protect your immune system and care for your body. The oils are made using every part of the plants, from the flowers […]

Life can be demanding and hectic, leading to stress and anxiety. Health professionals urge us all to find ways to de-stress and relax, but that usually seems easier said than done. Essential oils, however, are your natural super-power to effectively and safely help you relax and let go of feelings of anxiety and depression. Essential […]

Aromatherapy is gaining in popularity as a cheap, effective way to promote relaxation and simply improve the ambiance of a room. Because it is so effective in promoting relaxation and reducing stress, many pregnant women are drawn to the idea of aromatherapy. However, many essential oils out there are not safe for use during pregnancy. […]

Aromatherapy and essential oils have certainly increased rapidly in popularity over the last couple of years. However, with all of the names and ingredients, it is hard to keep up with what ingredients are safe, effective, and easy to find. Luckily, there are some books out there that are excellent resources for those individuals that […]

Imagine stepping inside your house to be embraced with the sweet-smelling aroma of grapefruit essential oil. Its calming, energizing and uplifting aroma is inviting and instantly refreshing. Extracted from the rind of grapefruits through a process called cold-pressing, the essential oil provides numerous health benefits to our bodies ranging from skin care to weight loss. […]

Wintergreen essential oil is well respected for its medicinal benefits, especially by those that suffer from arthritis and/or gout. However, it is useful for so many other applications, which makes it one of those go-to essential oils that everyone should have. Benefits of  Wintergreen Essential Oil Read on to learn about the various uses for […]

A good night’s sleep is vital for your child’s brain function and mood. Unfortunately, not all kids can sleep well throughout the night. If your kid is struggling to fall or stay asleep at night, you’re not alone. Studies show that one out of five children will experience insomnia, and about 50 percent will develop […]

Aromatherapy refers to a range of traditional, alternative, or complementary therapies that incorporates the use of scented essential oils into a massage. Aromatherapy is basically used for relaxation purposes and has other health benefits as well. Various essential oils have been found to promote antimicrobial activity in the body, others have antiviral, nematicidal, antifungal, insecticidal, […]

Who is better qualified to make your beauty products than you? We all know what we like and how we want our cosmetics to feel or look like. People spend a fortune in every new beauty product in the market some with the promise of giving you a fine-looking skin. Sometimes when we find that […]

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word lice is “unclean” and poor hygiene. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Lice are usually contracted from contact with an infected person and are rampant in school going children. Recent reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) place […]

In the old days, children would play in the sun while the adults sat under the sun without minding its rays. As the years went by, it was discovered that the sun wasn’t that good for our skin and things became a bit different. We started buying sunscreen lotions to offer protection to our skin. […]

Have you grown tired of using soaps laden with chemicals and fragrances that cause awful reactions to your skin? You can make your own soap at home with easily available ingredients. Homemade soap uses natural ingredients that are mild on your skin. Some of these ingredients like essential oils are beneficial to your skin and […]

How many times have you read the ingredients of your hair shampoo and conditioner? If you haven’t, it’s high time you started. You’ll be shocked to know that there are over a dozen toxic ingredients used in shampoos and conditioners, even those labeled as “All-natural”. Chemicals are bad for your hair. And since the scalp […]

Somehow the western diet is to blame for the increased number of people developing type 2 diabetes. These diets include processed grains, added sugar, meat, dairy, and salt. According to the CDC, 30 percent of U.S adults drink sweetened beverages such as soda daily. To manage diabetes, you need to maintain a normal blood sugar […]