Numerous researches from different universities all over the world have spent a good amount of time investigating the pharmacological properties of plants. A publication in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology stated that there are three effective species that can inhibit the growth of cancers. Cancer is the leading cause of death in the world where one […]

Cancer is a disease that affects many people and also many different parts of the body. Some causes can be more obviously linked than others. For example, smoking or chewing tobacco can lead to the development of throat, lung or mouth cancers. However, there are several other factors that could lead to cancer developing. Our […]

These days, it can be common for your doctor to suggest a CT scan to detect a number of different ailments or issues within your body. Perhaps instead of taking a closer look at the symptoms and deciding upon a cause that may or may not be exact, they believe using a CT scan to […]

Harmful Effects of Mobile Phones on Your Brain With advanced technology comes possible health side effects that may lead to early death. Research from numerous institutes shows that Is Vaping Really Healthier Than Smoking? The increased use of electronic smoking or e-smoking is a dangerous trend with real health risks. E-smoking is now being 7 [...]

For most of us, the word “cancer” is like a bad omen, and something that one hopes to avoid forever. This seemingly incurable disease affects millions of families every year. With a cancer diagnosis usually comes surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, which all then bring their own slew of side effects. If one heard that cancer […]

For as long as cancer has been around, there have been traditional and alternative treatments that sounded great but simply did not work. One natural and alternative remedy that has been getting more attention is the power of clean, healthy living to rid the body of cancer. This therapy is one that is definitely not […]

Cancer is a terrifying disease, and one that seems to affect nearly everyone in some way, at some time in their life. Although many feel hopeless against this dreadful disease, there is one doctor out there who may be shining some new light on how to overcome the big C. A doctor named Leonard Coldwell […]

Cancer is a terrifying disease, and one that most people believe attacks us quickly and quietly. While that may be the case sometimes, the reality is that cancer’s appearance in our bodies is usually accompanied by many tell-tale signs that are often ignored. Cancer Warning Signs Below are the top 10 warning signs of cancer […]

Tamara St. John was living a normal life until 2009. She discovered she had breast cancer after doing an HCG test plus EGFR rashes, which became present after starting alternative therapies. Being unable to pursue traditional therapies, Tamara opted to utilize alternative and natural treatments as opposed to any form of chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. […]

The Amish are well-known for their horse-drawn buggies and aversion to modern technology or clothing. But what many people don’t realize about the Amish is that their population is minimally affected by cancer, according to a new study. The study was published in the Cancer Causes and Control journal and showed that cancer rates among […]

The best way to fight cancer is to create an environment in your body where cancer simply cannot survive. This tactic includes maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being active. Below you will find specific suggestions and strategies that will help you create an internal environment that does not allow for cancer cells to thrive. Well-Oxygenated […]

It’s no secret that there are many people benefiting from the cancer industry, especially the drug companies. Many medical outsiders agree that there is a widespread conspiracy in the medical community to seriously and purposefully inhibit advances in fighting cancer. Natural Cancer Treatments Below you will find some of the most effective ways to treat […]

Cancer seems to be affecting almost everyone, whether you yourself are diagnosed or you are affected by the diagnosis of a loved one. In fact, it is estimated that 1 out of every 3 people will fall victim to cancer at some point in their lives. With it being such a prevalent threat, it may […]